Arthemis Shotguns Industry

*Arthemis Gun Industries is producing sporting shotguns as one of Turkey’s leading firms in it’s sector since 1995. Producing with vast knowledge, experience and quality orientation, our firm draws together hand-craftsmanship and modern-day technology has become a favoured brand both at local and global markets.

*Since its establishment continuously developing, tailgating technology our firm has become the leader in the sector.

*Among all firms in the sector, it has one of the widest product range. Arthemis is exporting over 25 countries including U.S.A. by producing at the global standart.

*Arthemis Gun Industries will continue to work up its quality understanding and standing firm about customer satisfaction as it has been since the foundation of company.

*Arthemis Gun Industries will continue to be a leading firm with it’s experienced and dynamic staff by force of customer oriented service mentality..