Arthemis Shotguns Industry

* Arthemis Shotgun Industry, founded in 1995 is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Turkey. With a fusion of the experience, craftmanship, mastership and the modern technological skills, the company has reached a privileged position in the world gun industry and became the preferred partner in the worldwide distribution networks and also for many co-manufacturing partnerships.

*  As one of the most integrated manufacturing shotgun facilities in Turkey, we are following carefully all the innovative activities and modern methods in the world and applying to our system at the same time with leader companies in the gun industry.

* From Single Barrel shotguns to Over&Unders and Side By Sides, from Pump Actions to Inertia Driven Semi Automatics, we can proudly say that our company is the only one that carries the full shotgun line with the biggest selection of models and sub-models.

* Being aware of the worldwide market needs and the international quality standards, we believe in continious development and investing daily basis on our customer oriented quality system.

* With our focus to safety, quality, value and continuous improvement through partnerships of employees, customers and our suppliers we put the customer satisfaction in our priority.

* As Arthemis Shotgun Industry, we know what an enthusiast wants from his gun and we are commited to provide it, from the best price-quality correlation to the best perfomance and features. Our vision is to keep our leadership position in the Turkish market and to grow agressively in the Worldwide Arena…